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House Design Toowoomba

Looking for a new Green/Eco Home, Extension or Commercial Building?

Eco BluePrints will bring your ideas to life.


Your building design will be tested and adjusted using specialised software that monitors thousands of points that make your house better adjusted for your specific house site and allows changes to be made and tested again.


Sustainable building design and materials make your home as sustainable as it can be. Sourcing reneable materials for all parts of your construction.


Effeciency start in Ross's office with steps taken in the office to allow for better lighting to reduce running costs. Ross Campbell is commited to being Green and Eco freindly in all parts of his life.


Regardless of the outcomes from your home design being better for the environment and saving you on heating and cooling costs - you will have your new pursposfully designed home to move into.


Are you planning to convert your dream into a reality by constructing your very own house located in posh location? But wait! Have you approached a House Design service for designing an eco-friendly housing plan?

If not then we are here at your service!
Eco Blueprints is one of the leading service providers that crafts the best house designs in Toowoomba and is ideal for comfortable living, and maintaining a soothing environment inside your house throughout. As the weather changes drastically so does the temperature that is variant all the time. So, keeping that factor into consideration, to have a robust temperature independent design is highly recommendable. The striking feature of this design is that you will feel the minimal need for cooling and heating which takes ahold of your energy consumption.

The eco-friendly housing facilitates a comfy stay irrespective of any season, and this is mainly achieved due to the smart design and construction. Why Choose Us?
• We are a reputed name when it comes to effective environment-friendly house designs in Toowoomba.
• We bring the people the most innovative solutions in our housing designs that allow a lowering of monthly bills.
• The style and sophistication are guaranteed in our housing design and that is what makes us stand out from the rest.
• Our team of the qualified professionals continually strives to deliver exceptional home designs in Toowoomba.

Budget-Friendly Pricing
You can avail our services at an affordable cost that will be in accordance with your budget. What People has to Say About Our Service?
We have a great customer satisfaction rate which we have achieved due to our impeccable housing designs, and we are trying our level best to come out with more innovative ideas in our housing design range.
Till now, we haven’t received any bad reviews from their end related to our service.
If you have any plans of constructing your house that is a energy-efficient home design, in Toowoomba, then don’t go anywhere as we are always ready at your service.
What are you waiting for? Hire the professional that are experts in providing the best house designs in Toowoomba.
If you have any queries related to our service, then feel free to contact us.
Always remember that we are just a single phone call or email away!
Eco BluePrints front of new home designed by Ross Campbell
Eco BluePrints front of new home designed by Ross Campbell
Eco BluePrints front of new home designed by Ross Campbell



Have Finest Quality Energy Efficient Houses At The Affordable Rate Everyone now wishes to have eco-friendly and energy efficient houses so that they can enjoy a great comfort in their budget. No matter, whether anyone wants to have a construction of the new home or want to remodel a home, they always look for the environmentally conscientious designs. This is the reason that people now widely look for energy efficient houses construction and design. Moreover, therefore we at Eco BluePrints offer the full range of energy efficient house designs. Eco BluePrints Energy Efficient Houses Designs Services We at Eco BluePrints have been providing energy efficient houses design services for a very long time. Moreover, with our best and eco-friendly house design services, we are now considered as one of the renowned energy-efficient house designing services in Toowoomba. With the start of our services, we have successfully covered many projects, under which we have designed a large number of houses and all houses have become a great indication of energy saving. We have designed houses from a very small and compact to very large and luxurious sizes to allow the people to lead a greener life in their abodes. What do we do at Eco BluePrints? We design advanced and stunning energy efficient and healthy building without disturbing any style of your house. We create the home that always achieves the highest energy rating with great comfort and money saving. Our energy house designs are prepared by combining your views and ideas with our experience. So, our designs for building perfectly suit your sites and needs. We perfectly understand our client’s need, so we are fully committed to delivering the high-quality services at the competitive rate. With energy cost on the rise, the energy efficient design for house matters a lot. So, we design your home that uses less energy and saves unwanted energy cost. We design home in such a way that it remains warmer in winter and cooler in summer. We turn your dream home into reality, so you are going to have a great comfort with fantastic look and feel. We naturally enhance the indoor comfort level and make your home brighter with natural light. So, we create a natural and healthy living area that not only help you and your environment to be healthy but also saves your total energy charges. How do we work at Eco BluePrint? • Implement the best and the latest energy-efficient technology for house design • Construct and design houses based on the energy saving technology • Design home combining your ideas and our experience • Create advanced comfort level in your home • Our energy-related designs include environment, building orientation, passive strategies, climate and many other features to provide a perfect durability and comfort. • Create the scope of work and project budget to achieve your energy target. So if you are planning to have energy efficient houses design for your new home or your existing home, please contact us to have amazing cost saving and energy saving designs.

Interested in Ross Designing your next House, Extension or Commercial building?

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